Sunday, December 13, 2009

On the Thirteenth Day of Christ*&^%$

On the Thirteenth Day of Christ*&^%$, Tiz reveals to you...

I am astounded people requested. And I thank you. And what you wouldn't believe possible is that these will probably get even more random.

Today is the late great Poppy Tisdale’s birthday. I miss him oodles.

I like to keep my ukulele and the dumpster diving giant Carlo Ribera guitar next to one another because it looks like the guitar gave birth to the uke. Makes me laugh.

I have never thrown a real party because I’m sure that absolutely no one would come.

I have never done a one woman show because I’m sure that absolutely no one would come.

I am writing a one woman show…someone else might have to perform it.

Two agents are reading my book this month.

I work very hard not to be professionally jealous. Sometimes I fail miserably and am a catty bitch.

I am not skilled enough to be in the chorus of a Broadway show but am talented enough to white contract one. That’s weird, right?

I often wonder why the price of a Broadway ticket has doubled since I started but actors’ salaries have only gone up 50%.

I lost my virginity to a balance beam.

My second time was to a boy’s bike. Damned cross-bar.

I don't know the lyrics to The Twelve Days of Christmas past "five gold rings." The rest is jibber-jabber.


  1. I lost mine to a fire hydrant. Ouch.

  2. Balance beam? Fire hydrant? Wow, being gay seems like such a dull option. Don't stop with the "XX days of Christmas thing". I love it.

  3. oh tomorrow's post. there's something about gaiety in it.

  4. I would be there for both the party and the one-woman show. Hell. I'd even throw the party after the one-woman show. I know of a great penthouse just off the park to have it in... :-)

  5. Can't believe you've never had a party! I'd be there with bells on, that is if you even invited me...

    You can put me down for a ticket for the one woman show that you will be performing...silly woman.

    I wonder if you know where my bat is that I use to hit myself over the head with?


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