Saturday, August 21, 2010

It Is Official

I cannot write when I am with family. This is not procrastination. This is not an excuse. It is utter reality.

And today I rest.

Tons of love,

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

$3 Part 2

I wrote something hear and then hit VIEW BLOG which erased it all. Of course it was quite pithy and profound.

Let's just leave it at...I'm gonna owe a lot of money.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010


So, have you been blog to be exact...recently? (I think those should be dub dashes don't you?)

I think today I may have to give $3 to charity.

My world exploded last night. Got a tentative offer on a gig that could end up being beaucoup bucks. I will have to leave for Tucson three days earlier than expected.

So clean clean clean. Find subletter subletter subletter. See friends friends friends family family family. Give shit away way ay.

All this (and the rest of a regular day) I could handle.

But I have to deal with FREAKIN' WORKERS' COMP some more. Another hour wasted today. Just gone. And some of my soul ...gone too. I have never had to deal with them directly. I have never had $1000 bill come to me directly...TWICE. I have never not had a theatre deal with it. I have never...well, I guess I have now but I liked it better when I'd never.

I'm an artist, goddammit. Not an accountant. Nothing against accounting, or business managing or anyone dealing with money. I was offered a job on Wall Street back in '89 in research. And while I learned the trade they offered to start paying my $150,000 a year salary.

And I said no. It's not who I am. Although I am quite good at investing, it's not where I live, breath or poop.

Sometimes I'm stoopid.

This is my lame-ass way of saying I don't think I'm going to get an hour of writing in today. Will writing this and then reading my play research on the bus to and from from the chiropractor (that's another hour and a half out of my day) count?

Please say yes.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Oh, Jack!

Turns out I know Jack. Turns out I beat up on someone who was trying to do good. Who I have never witnessed doing anything but good. Put it this way, we did a gig called FANNY HILL together at the York. At the penultimate performance, when Fanny and I arrived in her new bedchamber, we discovered props had left a ginormous dollhouse from the previous night's performance. It represented a mansion at the end of the show. At the beginning of the next day's show it was just a GINORMOUS PAIN IN THE ASS. So, I took it offstage, down a treacherous spiral staircase, in a corseted dress with a train, cackling the entire way.

By the end of the performance, there was a bottle of VERY nice vodka awaiting me in my dressing room...from Jack.

Jack does good. And Jack was trying to do good again. And he did. He explained what he meant and he included his name, occupation, email address and current residence. And I...

MizTiz said...

jacky jack jack jack. i adore you. you are good. i was cranky. i was bad. writing about something VERY hard and your post caught me at a time when i was feeling particularly vulnerable. so my apologies to the goodness that is you.

and it IS moving forward. really is. so thank you for your concern and your kind words and please accept my humble apology...

MizTiz said...

p.s. you did not include your social security number,

I like Jack. I'm grateful that Jack took the time to explain who and why he was.

55 more minutes to go!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Really, Jack?*

Really? I just wrote for 2 hours and 42 minutes...about one of the more gaping, more tender wounds in my life.

If you knew me you'd know...

#1 I do things I'm afeared of all the time.

#2 I'm quite bright and aware that procrastination is a symptom or byproduct of fear and I don't need a Psych 101 lecture to inform me thus.

#3 I don't appreciate people who don't bother to identify themselves. I find it a form of cowardice.

Procrastinate that.

That's all. Thanks.

*Poor Jack commented on my last blog. Wound writing made me cranky. Oops. PUT DOWN THE KEYBOARD, TIZ!!!

All I Have To Do

All I have to do is write for an hour today. An hour today. An hour today.

Well...there goes a minute.

Friday, August 13, 2010

I Read Somewhere

I read somewhere...

First of all, I wish that the past tense of "read" wasn't "read." It makes clarification difficult, oui?

How about "red" or "readed or my personal favorite "readeded."

Anyway, in the recent past, I read somewhere to develop *whatever* good working habit, pay yourself a small amount (like $3) every time you succeed in your work goal for that day. Cool. Fun. Every time you don't succeed, you remove that $3 and give it so some deserving (or wtf) undeserving charity.

So far this week I have $15. I give myself two days off a week. I'm sure when I start working in the business of show again (in approximately 2 1/2 weeks) I will hop it up to six days a week, as that's how much I have to work any way.

Anyway, my work habit is to write for an hour a day. Doesn't sound like it should be much, but I can be quite the twiddling twat. And I have all of these projects I would either like to continue (blog), complete (play and acting book), sell (book the play is based on) and start (The Coffee TaBle Book). So I can go into overwhelm. Like this morning. When I took took myself to see "Eat, Pray, Poop."*

The movie sucks.

So I went and worked out...twiddle. Then I sauna'd...twiddle. And the actually cleaned out some drawers...TWAT!

But now I sit and write. But I only have three more minutes and then I have to move onto my next project. That's the another rule I readeded somewhere. If you have limited time, so everything gets its due, divide and conquer.

Twelve minutes? Not enough time to edit the bl*(&^%$&

*Actually that's going to be the name of my sixth writing project.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sacrilege Part Deux - Is Denny's Mecca?

I feel a yearning...a call. This is God slapped between two slices of sour-dough and then grilled to perfection..
Denny’s Sticks a Fried-Cheese Melt on Its Menu
I am obviously going to hell. And I am obviously going to be fat.



#1 I call myself a blogger.

#2 I like the Crayola Box of 24 better than the Box of 64 with the Built-In Sharpener.

It's a little known fact...I like to color. I like to color in coloring books. The past-time is growing ever more elusive are coloring books. Now they sell activity books. Activity books? Me no likey.

I think they suck in a major way.

Sucko mujero.

But I discovered something exciting and new. No, not love, you tv theme song fanatics.

Giant coloring pages.

Yes, giant pages with thick lines and large, wide-open spaces to fill. Delicious.

But back to the titular sacrilege.

The Crayola Box of 64 with the Built-In Sharpener was always the Holy Grail, Mecca, Alpha Centurion. For all of us. I mean it had "flesh" as a color, for Yahweh's sake. (This actually prompted an interesting racial discussion between Poppy and me when I was a wee tart.)

But I've learned that I don't like that much choice. (No, not racial color choice but crayon color choice.) Sometimes that much choice binds me up. (And yes, I mean fecally.) I need some rules, some limitations, some direction, in order to keep everything moving freely in the right direction.

So, I'm sticking with the 24. Which is good. I just learned they discontinued the 64.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

My 3 Part Happy Anniversary Letter

Part 1

you've been married thirty years. THIRTY YEARS? that would make

this is not happening.


Part 2

oh...don't think i'm not selfish enough to run amok with your special day.

remember poppy's extubation?

i'll do anything for attention.

or a laugh.

Part 3

happy freakin' 30th anniversary.

i don't know what to write. my head and heart are full of so many happy, meaningful memories i can't see straight or type coherently.

but here we go...

your wedding? not one of those memories. i really only remember it through the pictures. i was 17. i was drunk. at least i remained standing for your special day. the pictures are quite beautiful. i hear it was grand.

all the fun cards i would get from "ky" when he was a baby. MY he was precocious. i still have the one where he recounted throwing up all over mommy.

the christmas i had just booked "beauty and the beast" when you made it all about that. i LOVED that. it wasn't enough that my dream came true, but you wanted to celebrate it in such a big way. WHO DOES THAT? ( both do. and still do. everyone is pea green with envy over my kevin kline award coach bag. i'm still waiting for kevin to arrive in the mail. i plan to carry him around in my pretty bag.)

your coming to god knows how many performances at mauschwitz...capped only by your willingness to flip mickey the bird in the bitter end.

it's those little gestures that count.

toodles-getting me into lorna's house and the best apartment deal EVER. it was sweet and nightmare-inducing to learn how much lorna's "cat" loved you.

toodles-hiring me at dr when everything went kaboom. i think i did an okay job. i know i did my best to help get you outta there.

mj- i never once witnessed you do a drive-by how are you. exquisite.

mj-responding that yes i could call you my sister and that you had been doing so for years. (okay...some tears just plopped on the keyboard 'cause that was a huge moment for me.)

toodles-on the flip side, lovely and hysterical phonecalls while you're driving. you have to love someone who, once the "car anal game" is explained, moans, "oh my god, that's disgusting!" and then just plays it and plays it and plays it. (explain it tommy.) you may have been indulging me. i like to be indulged. sue me.

what i fondly refer to as "the mother's day massacre." witnessing you both deal so beautifully with that mass exodus was astounding. in lesser hands it could have redefined you in a dramatically different way, but not you guys. i remain in awe.

paul. the one priest i can actually hear. thank you.

your sun room. the most peaceful place on the face of the earth (or really in the galaxy).

r-leigh. i know i met her first but thank you for letting us love one another so hard. she's my favorite blonde.

EVERY HOLIDAY EVER. from your driving up to nanapop's house in your pjs in the "johnny chose to hit a tree instead of a herd of rabbits" torino to new years eve and "how many women does it take to caja quadrada? dos. la interna y la exterma" to thanksgiving with the rowdy delicious schratwiesers to the most recent christmas that had so much love floating in the air it was enveloping.

ky and gav. i love them. they make my life far more special than i dreamed of it being.

as have you both. i love you and cherish you and can't wait to see what happens in your next thirty years of marriage. thank you so for letting me be a part of the ride.

love you tons and more,

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Quote of the Week

The air between the trapeze and the catch? That's where the magic lives... - TIZ

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


...tomorrow. Perhaps the day AFTER tomorrow, which is today. Wheee! last seen, our haughty heroine was having a delicious birthday weekend with the Nana.

And then it ended. Tragic, turgid bitter tale.

Now Nana said it. I did not. "I'm like packing for a baby." It's true. Nana monitors, games, formula (aka, more medication than GOD), clothing bags and food packed for the trip. Got it all, and her, and ME, in the Volvo for the ride back to her house.

What did I forget? What did I forget?

I didn't realize it until we were caught in a five-mile back-up due to an accident. I needed to call my brudder to tell him we would be running late when I notice...

My purse.

Is not there.

My purse...with my wallet (license, cash, credit cards), cellphone AND SANITY.

This is when I realize the gas tank is perilously close to empty. Since I've driven a total of 20 miles in the car in 4 days, I'm a little freaked. It's not my car, so I've got keine clue what kind of reserves there are.

And there's the Nana. We finally work out if we get through the stop-and-start traffic, I will hit the nearest gas station with her credit card.

We get through the crap traffic and hit the nearest gas station with her credit card.

And I can't get the gas door open. At all. I feel the fool. I can't find a button or lever or NUTTIN. We check the long as the driver's door is unlocked the gas tank door should be as well.


I ask a cute guy if he can figure it out. This is rough for me 'cause I'm nothing if not VAIN and I might as well be back in eighth grade with glasses and braces and stringy hair and zits. THAT'S how I was feeling.

Cute though he was, he couldn't figure it out either.

Now, here's the kicker. I have to keep turning off the engine which turns off the air-conditioning which turns off the Nana. She's delicate. I am not allowed to Kentucky Fry Nana.

I try the gas station attendant. Equally clueless we go our merry way and hope to make it to Nana's house. She suggests I pray. I suggest I drive. She suggests I pray while driving. I suggest that anyone who does anything other than driving while driving has their head stuck up their butt.

Nice. I'm a nice girl.

We make it to the Nana house with gas to spare. My brudder (of the chocolate Hostess Cream-Filled Cupcake birthday cake fame) can't even figure out how to pop that persnickety little puppy.

I'm no longer feeling incredibly assholian.

We call the Volvowner and HE can't figure it out.

We call the Volvo dealer and they...wait for it...can't figure it out and suggest we BREAK THE DOOR.


At this point, I dig into spoonfuls of peanut butter because I am FREAKING OUT. I feel like this is all my world hunger. I'm some kind of sensory defensive and rocking and spoonfuls of peanut butter calm me down.

Who knew?

Since we can't reach Volvowner and I am loathe to disfigure the cute car without his permission, I decide to get on a train and jog back to my cozy getaway and walk R-Leigh the Wonderdog.

THEN Wonderbrudder magically finds something online, we go through the trunk, he pulls the siding away AND

He eases open that cranky little bugger of a door.

I hug him, kiss the Nana goodbye (all the whilst apologizing for my crankiness). Wait, I forgot to tell you, during the hour and a half trip I REALLY had to pee. AND I had my period. You couldn't WRITE this shit.

Okay, so I apologize, borrow a couple of bucks, find high octane gas for $2.96 a gallon (MIRACLE), buy some TaB at the local market, get on the road, hit massive rush hour traffic, get back in an hour fifteen and am greeted by the best dog in the world.

After her potty run, I find a Red Stripe and jump in the pool fully clothed. Where I remain for the next two hours.

Life is good.

But I wanna know where the other .8 ounces of Red Stripe went.

Monday, August 2, 2010


...perhaps, I will regale you with tales of today. Tragic, turgid, bitter tales.

But today I tell of the weekend.

I turned old on Saturday. And Nana (aka, my mommy) showed up to have a girls' weekend that was made possible by the generosity and the exquisite event-planning of the Fairfield Tizzies.

Lunch (with anudder brudder) at Centro's, thanks to my bro and sis.
Birthday cake of Hostess Cream-Filled Cupcakes (FAV) thanks to thoughtful udder brudder.
Manicures, thanks to delicious nephews.
Pedicures, thanks to bro and sis.
Floating in the pool-priceless.
A wicked game of Scrabble poolside.
Dinner from The Pantry, thanks to bro and sis.
A special showing (in a giant fluffy bed) of THE YOUNG ELIZABETH, thanks to Netflix and me.

Breakfast culled from Fage yogurt and Sour Cherry preserves, courtesy of sis.
Prayers, thanks to Nana. (And God, I guess. I was doing laps.)
Lunch of the most delicious soups ever from The Pantry, under the auspices of bro and sis.
Movie and popcorn, the same. (Not mentioning movie name CAUSE IT SUCKED but it was lovely to spend time with the Nana...and lovely to consume butter-flavored topping.)
New book, thanks to Nana.
Floating in the pool-priceless.
A wickeder game of Scrabble.
Dinner of sloppy seconds. Yum.
A special showing (in same giant fluff bed) of THE BIG EASY. That'd be Netflix et moi encore. Nana LOVES Dennis Quaid in this one.

Another delicious breakfast of naughty cherry yogurt and some stand-over-the-sink-slurpable nectarines.
Prayers, thanks to Nana (and probably God).
Lunch of sloppier, soppier, more delicious seconds.

I loved all this. Deeply. Mainly because the Nana was there. I never get her all to myself. It just doesn't happen. The last time was 5 years ago, soon after Pop died, when I took over her care for a week.

And she tore her meniscus the first day.

This was waaaaaaaaaaaay more fun.

I'll take this any day.

Happy Birthday to us. And thank you to everyone who made it soooooooooooo gooooooooood.

love Love LOVE

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