Friday, April 10, 2015

On Growing Up

I'm not going to delve into why it's taking me so long.  But I will offer a little example of how it's sneaking up on a third times the charm epistolary manner.

Sometimes I do work for off-stage groups that show muggles what it's like to be or hang with or learn from onstage professionals.  Sometimes the off-stage group and I are a bad match.  Actually only one off-stage group.  The rest of them and I get along swimmingly because we are pros and care.


Hi guys...

TiZ here.  I don't think we should work together anymore.  And I believe I would be doing us all a disservice if I didn't explain exactly why.  

After exchanging 25 texts with J where I had to ask for terms (pay, address...there are a couple of Heartland Breweries) to be summarily dismissed (after I had done all the work and secured the actors you needed) because I brought to light that a dinner had gone awry before, was rude.  And unbusinesslike.  And I would actually like to be paid my fee as I upheld my end of the bargain and coordinated for you.

There have been bigger problems in the past.  Not only weren't my colleagues fed the aforementioned dinner and I had to doggy bag them and deliver them after half hour where many were inedible, it took a month for my colleagues to be paid. That made me look bad.  And made a number of them not want to work for you again.

I was paid the wrong amount for that event.  The difference came three months later as part of another payment that was two months late.  

Regarding what ended up being a smashing event at the Blue Fin,  terms of contract were changed on your part when all of a sudden I was asked for a group number 4 days before the event. This was after I'd secured a Tony nominee and a TV star for you. Of course you finally went with our flow, but it's something that could have/should have been stated up front as I was working my butt off to keep everyone happy.

I already work a 40 hour week.  In the past, I have worked for heads of state, aribtrageurs, tiny non-profs, law firms, mental hospitals and as a singing waiter.  I have never seen "employees" treated as haphazardly as you do.  And I believe if you started to treat artists compassionately and as the intelligent human beings of value that we are, everyone, including your employer, would be happier and wealthier.



I didn't send it.  Not only is it not particularly well-written, I'm finally learning not to help people who

a) don't want to be helped.
b) are dumb.
c) are rude.


d) are potential future competition.


So I wrote a sassy text that I checked with my friend Kieran...who liked it.

J - If by high expectations you mean being fed and possibly paid in a timely manner, yes, my expectations are possibly too high for you.  Please let's do each other a favor and not attempt to do business together again. It's not worth the trouble.  Thanks.

But I didn't send it. It's pretty well-written and has a level of snark that I find quite attractive but I felt it was somehow going to come back and bite me in the ass.  I hate doing business via text but it is the only way some people seem to know how to do business so...I finally came up with this.


J - As I already have a 40 hour week plus charitable works, it would be best if you found another liaison at the MiZ.  I'm sure you understand.  Please inform L as well.  Thanks. - T

Third times the charm. Everything resides in the "I'm sure you understand."  I sent it. But it was grown up and gracious and gave her the opportunity to be attempt to be so in response...and go on her puerile, haphazard way of pissing off artists and not fulfilling the expectations of her clients. What she doesn't know WILL hurt her. Bad business WILL bite you in the butt...deservedly

Another reason why I'm happy?  I immediately got another artist-in-residence job that paid twice as much.  And the potential for one that pays about 10x as much.

Although "Yes" is a grand word, sometimes "No" and "Enough" are the grownup tools you need to crack yourself open to bigger opportunities.

La la la la la.

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