Monday, December 21, 2009

On The 21st Day of Christ*&^%$

On The 21st Day of Christ*&^%$, TiZ reveals to you...

As a teenager my favorite author was Jerzy Kosinski. How was I ever that dark?

Last I heard my credit score was 765.

I went to opera school. I HATED it and want my fucking money back.

My first time was break-up sex.

I have dated many atheists. Kinda strange for the recovering Catholic girl that I am.

The first two weeks of rehearsal I’ll take any comedy suggestion from anyone. After that, stand back.

I often run myself to the point of exhaustion and then crash for 36 hours straight.

I have three children’s books…”Rosebud and Red Flannel,” “Peggy Plays Off-Broadway” and “Tizz on a Horse Farm” that were given to me by much beloved colleagues. They hold a place of honor in my home.

I haven’t washed my kitchen floor in more than a month. It’s sticky.

I was offered the Broadway production of The Woman in White. I turned it down ‘cause I was starring in a show on the West End. Ah, decisions.

I’ve been “Trevved.” I hope it happens again. Might not (see above).

I once dislocated my big toe while having the sex. Don’t ask.

My apartment looks like an Edwardian child’s playroom.

I still have a performance high f.

When I was 25 I was offered a position as the Gucci’s nanny. I turned it down. Didn’t think I’d do well as a servant.

When I was 26 I was offered a position as an analyst in a small arbitrage firm starting at $150,000 while training. I wanted to be an opera singer instead. Ah, decisions.

I can make some pretty fecking stupid decisions.

Mercury retrograde affects me very deeply. VERY DEEPLY.

I do crazy Italian well.

I don’t even fill out an A cup. My boobs are smaller now than when I was 13. How does that happen?

I sleep with my hand between my legs. Always have. Always will.


  1. Got a taste of the ugly of Christmas today. Several suicidal patients want to stay through Christmas. Most are there due to the expectations of the world around them. They just can’t do it anymore.

    Psychiatry is a hoax.

    I do hypomania very well until I can no longer continue. I wish I had an off switch I could use during the day.

    I’m also a recovering catholic and it’s not just because I’m queer.

    I think my first boyfriend is gay. What a surprise!

    Wish I could work on a boat for a living, driving, sailing…It was my happiest job.

    Wish I could work part time at my current job. It’s sucking me dry.

    I’m still grateful that I have a job.

    I quit my first college to avoid flunking out, due to my drinking.

    I feel like I should go back to school, but I don’t want to. School is so hard for me.

    Most of the time, I’m happy with who I am.

    My sexual orientation doesn’t define me. I wish it wasn’t such a political hot topic. Leave us alone…married or single.

    The casualties of war are not the dead, they are those that are home or are coming home. The dead are the lucky ones.

    I’m grateful for my partner, family, a few friends and of course my dogs. I’m very lucky.

    This war is giving me job security. I’d rather be unemployed.

    My puppy cherishes me. It’s surprising and wonderful at the same time.

    My very first day of school, I came home, sat in the front yard in the grass, and a bird pooped on my thigh. That was when I learned a bird pooping on you meant good luck. It didn’t feel like good luck.



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