Friday, December 18, 2009

On the Eighteenth Day of Christ*&^%$

On the Eighteenth Day of Christ*&^%$, TIZ reveals to you...

Once…one time…I was one of those pathetic people drinking a beer out of a brown paper bag on the shuttle train at 6 in the morning.

My sister-in-law and I now refer to one another as "my sister."

If I don’t have time to wash the dishes, I store them in the refrigerator. I have had two cockroaches in the past 18 years.

I’m really excited to see how my Mike Errico Holiday Omen plays out. It’s a witch’s hat. Or a sorceress’ hat. Depends on how you look at it. Like most of life.

I watch
It’s a Wonderful Life every year. Always alone.

I’m very competitive and Nana has requested I not play games in public because I can get a little rude.

I told a boyfriend’s mom to “Shut up and go,” when she was taking too long playing Trivial Pursuit.

I stabbed the same boyfriend in the hand with a pencil during an exciting game of Pictionary.

I average two alcoholic beverages a week. I may go over this week.

I’ve smoked one cigar. I believe the odor is still trapped in my nose hairs…fifteen years later.

I think Silk Cut Silvers smell delicious…unlike any other cigarette.

I once dated a man so unattractive that Nana said, “He looks like Gomer Pyle, but not as good.”

I loved The Little Rascals and bought the entire video series before Bill Cosby bought the rights.

I don’t appreciate the people who think they have all the answers because they never do…and who was asking anyway?

I’m afraid these are getting reaaaaaaaaaaaally boring.

I’m afraid I’m repeating myself but am too tired and lazy to check through the rest of these posts.

I think Jeanette Winterson is the greatest living writer.

When I can’t sleep I watch
My Man Godfrey.

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  1. Keep them coming, please - not boring at all. I was bummed when I checked this morning and you hadn't added this post yet.

    The hat is quite powerful, no? Use it for good, or, if not quite for good, at least for wicked fun.

    And, thanks.


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