Tuesday, December 8, 2009

On the Eighth Day of Christ*&^%$

On the Eighth Day of Christ*&^%$, Tiz reveals to you...

Loud, jarring sounds (like feedback) leave me incapable of communication. I can't form words. My mother thinks I'm a little autistic.

Every summer I spent a couple of days with The Lighthouse community. It was quite an education in the differently-abled for a child.

I was an absolutely beautiful child.

When I was six I was whacked by the ugly stick and it stuck until I was fifteen.

When I was fifteen, boys who had been rude to me started to be realllllllly nice because I was kinda cute. I told them, in no uncertain terms, to fuck off.

If left unchecked, I would have a full beard and moustache. I just love growing older with a somewhat Eastern European heritage.

Midgets freak me out. I know...I know...I'm working on it.

I've written to the Coca Cola Company in hopes of a CoFfee TaBle BoOk.

1 comment:

  1. I have old knees and an old back, but I loved playing rugby!

    I was only allowed to wash my hair twice a week until high school. Showered after practice in middle school just to wash my hair.

    Chased squirrels around the backyard when there was no one to play with.

    My first boyfriend turned out to be gay and may still not get it.

    sports and music saved me

    when I find a pair of shoes I like, I wish I could wear them every day

    wish i could give up food like i gave up booze

    I have so much fun doing these



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