Wednesday, December 28, 2016

On the Twenty-Eighth DaY of TiZmas

On the Twenty-Eighth DaY of TiZmas, TiZ reveals to you...

Twenty-Eight Things I would love to accomplish for my immediate environs by mid 2017...

A Fisher and Paykel 24" range (before you think I'm getting hoity toity, this piece of shit oven I have FAILS TO LIGHT for 5 minutes. I have to perform voodoo daily to keep it going)**

A new doormat (and it shan't be me...I'm an OOOOLD doormat)

Clean my hall rug

Find an appropriate paint color for the main living area


Shutters for the living room windows**

Storage facility onsite

Appropriate window treatments for the bedroom

Finish my vanity hallway (so many shows, so little time)

Outfit my princess potty (so many princesses, so little time)

Display my artwork (yeah...I can be crafty)

Clean up the one nasty spot of the never-ending floor flood repair debacle

Appropriate and whimsical coat hooks for the entryway

A beautiful dog bed for Baxie that's matchy matchy (I think I can accomplish this with my craft skills)

Break out the old/new sewing machine and learn how to use the beast

Transfer Pop's high school recorded Roosevelt Fireside chats to digital

Wash ALLLL the windows

Get rid of old tax and investment stuff safely

Establish a proper bar for company

Get rid of the final cases of TaB

Hang the Buddha's light system (this requires a drill and sinkers and scary things that make holes in my wall)

Establish a real work area...that can migrate...but a real work area

Establish a make up area as well

Remove storage from under bed

Refresh baseboards

Refresh window casings


This is gonna hurt the wallet - replace outmoded and shattered Apple products (my MacBook Pro is  over 7 years old and my iPad has been shattered for over 2...they said it couldn't be done and I DID IT (albeit through a spiderweb looking glass))**

**Somebody needs another Broadway spectacle!!!

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