Tuesday, December 20, 2016

On the Twentieth DaY of TiZmas

On the Twentieth DaY of TiZmas, TiZ reveals to you...

Twenty political actions I took this year of which I am very proud...

About 100 hours of volunteer work at Clinton HQ.  It was an hour and a half RT commute at best

Three weeks of phonebanking for Foster Campbell's senate race in Louisiana

Engaging members of any party on why they were uncomfortable with HRC

Engaging Republicans to discover why they were fans of #DonTheCon (yeah...that's how I feel about him)

Personally emailing 290 members of Congress about gun control

In the three days immediately following the election, emailing POTUS different ideas on how to appoint Merrick Garland, including recess appointment and distant legal precedent that Congress's failure to even vet Garland left them criminally negligent. 

Refraining from being a part of the echo chamber (if refraining can be active)

My first rally, mic and march

Writing an email to Trump demanding he publicly condemn the hate crimes being committed in his name

Writing an email to Melania asking her to make a stand against and influence her husband regarding bullying of all kinds as cyber-bullying will be her platform

Discovering and spreading the word about sanctuary cities

Finding, vetting and sharing appropriate petitions to sign

Finding, vetting and sharing appropriate phone numbers to call for action

Asking the agencies I call how we can be better, more active citizens. (For the most part they are thrilled the constituency is acting up and out)

Never falling for or sharing fake news.  Vet VEt VET.

Moving to Canada (yes...it's for work but it allows me to perform my version of activism with a sense of calm I was lacking in the States)

Knowing when to shut my mouth

Discovering and BLARING that the GOP had hidden an anti-LGBT amendment in the Defense Bill

Passing my phone around to get peeps to talk to Gillebrand's office so she could tally how many constituents were against the Bannon appointment.

This is not my action but a result of my action..I received an email from President Obama thanking me and asking me to essentially "keep on keeping on." I will treasure it forever and use it as a catalyst to be ever more creative and ever more watchful. 

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