Wednesday, December 26, 2012

On the Twenty-Sixth Day of Christ*&^%$

On the Twenty-Sixth Day of Christ*&^%$, TiZ reveals to you...

Twenty-Six questions of 2012...

Why has mental health care stayed in the Reagan administration?

Why do people want to bring the economy back to the Reagan administration?

Why does it take a tragedy like Newtown for people to rise up?  (Not like the shepherds and follow.   But lead.)

Why does it take two hurricanes in little more than a year for some people to at least consider global weirdening?

Why does the word "weird" not follow the "i before e" rule?

Where's my other sock?

Where's my other sock?

For Christmas, why did we choose a tree that is shaped like a triangle?

What keeps me from selling a stock when it increases in value 1500%?

How did the national debt get to $ 1 6 , 3 5 4 , 2 0 1 , 5 7 1 , 5 6 2 . 5 7 .(It ain't me...I ain't gots the debt.)

How did the federal deficit reach $1.1 trillion?

Why do Apple products crash just far enough before a new product comes out that one is incapable of waiting?

Why did Christmas become about consumerism?

When did Christmas become about consumerism?

Why is Baxter paper trained outside but not inside?

Why is there always one crazy ass bitch in a church choir?

Why can't people get along?

Why do people take things so personally?

Why do summer colds happen?  Especially to me?  

Why didn't some people get that the second half of the above question is a joke?

Why does hair look like crap for months and then GORGEOUS the day before you get it chopped off?

How can people abuse and abandon animals?

Why can't there be a church service where no one has sinned and no one is dependent on GoD to forgive and wash them clean of that sinning?

Why does Baxter pee and poop on all Houses of Worship? (First answer is that I let him but I don't encourage or "good boy" him for it.  Yet he insists.)

Why are so many people not so swell at apologizing?

Where's my other sock?


  1. I believe that hair has feelings and makes that one last-ditch effort to not be chopped. I tend to ignore it, much like I tend to ignore the people who are "not really bitchy when you get to know them outside of work."


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