Wednesday, December 12, 2012

On the Twelfth Day of Christ*&^%$

On the Twelfth Day of Christ*&^%$, TiZ reveals to you...

I think you guys are awesome for writing to Patsy Roberts.

There are some people I am friends with and hold dear for the fact they wrote cards to my Mom in the hospital as she died.

Mommy loved those cards.

She was in the hospital during my first two weeks of rehearsal for ON A CLEAR DAY.

Since I was showering in the dressing room at work in the morning, people thought I was doing the walk of shame.

In fact, I was commuting and did a bunch of overnights in the ICU and went straight to the rehearsal hall from Grand Central.

The barca lounger overnights were probably the beginning of a severely wonky neck.

The cobra during the Back Cage Tour did relieve some tension in my severely wonky neck.

I was in the emergency room 5 days prior to the Back Cage Tour because of a 4 day headache due to my severely wonky neck.

It took 1 emergency room trip, oodles of fantastic drugs, 4 chiropractic visits and an amazing massage from a Russian former Olympian in the hammer throw to get rid of the headache.

I didn't know I had a severely wonky neck.  I thought I was sporting a brain aneurism.

Two of the above specialists observed my neck and queried whether I'd been in a car accident.

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