Friday, December 23, 2011

On the Twenty-Third Day of Christ*&^%$

On the Twenty-Third Day of Christ*&^%$, TiZ reveals to you...

In any economy I am offended by people who don't do their jobs well.

In this particular economy, I find it an almost mortal sin.

I'm beginning to like Christmas.

I haven't turned off the lights on my Christmas tree since I set it up.

I am personally insuring the energy crisis.

Although I unplug and turn off most everything else when not in use.

I'm watching someone else's karma in action and I find very little more painful than that.

I have my front of house display photos from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.

I dig the Buddha.

I learned recently there are different ways of stealing...none of them resonate well with me.

I did not share my Christmas pears with ANYONE.

I am ridiculously broken at the moment. But I have to believe it's letting the light shine through a little more clearly.

I have a corner of my apartment that houses things that belonged to people I love who have passed.

The cookie jar from my childhood home will be joining soon.

My Christmas tree lives next to my Buddha statue.

My Buddha statue is absolutely gorgeous.

It was seen by a friend in a storefront in Northport. I entered and the shop owner looked at me and said, "You've come for the Buddha."

Holy water from Lourdes as well as crystals and a beautifully vibratory rock from like the River Jordan live nearby.

My kitchen showcases a Bob's Big Boy Bobblehead.

Pope Soap on a Rope too.

There's a Jellystone Park plate as well.

Nothing makes me happier than sitting in the pit with the band.

I recently wore my winter bedtime panties during the day. Naughty or nice?


  1. Q: What do you call a chick who likes to hang out with musicians?
    A: A singer.
    (Just kidding ... Cathy is a singer and she doesn't like this quip either!)

    Make sure those Christmas lights don't overheat!

  2. I thought someone who hangs out with musicians was a drummer. My bad.


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