Tuesday, December 20, 2011

On the Twentieth Day of Christ*&^%$

On the Twentieth Day of Christ*&^%$, TiZ reveals to you...

My super Super said I could have a dog.

I'm gonna get a DOG!

I may name the dog Pooper. Is that wrong?

I see nothing wrong with buying my dinner at Duane Reade when exhausted.

I see nothing wrong with buying my Christmas tree at Duane Reade when exhausted.

I decided it was time when someone wrote they would do it for me and yet I can find no trace of that email and the gentle donor was going by a goddess alias so I may have dreamt it which meant it was time to get the freaking tree.

I see nothing wrong with run-on sentences.

I decorate my tree with ornaments from my nephews and brother...and costume jewelry...and sparkly rosary beads.

I wear specific panties to bed in the winter. They are called "winter bedtime panties."

We're doing Yankee Grab Bag for Christmas this year and I'm hoping the present I'm offering up will cause bloodshed.

I am an awful Secret Santa.

I have my first real rehearsal today and I'm doing this instead of studying. So I understudy 5 different tracks. Meh...

I was gonna buy an iPad but I think a dog is better.

I have plans every night after the show this week and that is a little daunting.

I worked with kids from the Harvey Milk High School this year. They were awesome.

I've left my air conditioners in this year as the fact that even while turned off they seemingly help regulate the heat up here on the top floor. It can become a sauna.

I like to sleep near a Christmas tree that is aglow.

I like to give people things that have belonged to me.

I like it when people give me things that have belonged to them.

I am wearing my mothers socks today.


  1. I believe clothing accrues a person's energy the longer they wear it. Imagine a person's surprise when they open a gift from you and it's an old pair of your winter bedtime panties!

  2. What kinda dog are you gonna get? We recently got a border collie mix from the Humane Society (Maggie) and in a few short weeks she's hijacked out hearts ... awwwwwwww!

  3. Don't get a dog if there is a chance he would stay alone for longer than a couple (=2) hours. Please. People in New York tend to do that to dogs and it's not good.


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