Friday, December 16, 2011

On the Sixteenth Day of Christ*&^%$

On the Sixteenth Day of Christ*&^%$, TiZ reveals to you...

I'm a two drink and a hangover kinda gal.

To try and sidestep a hangover I toddle up Fifth Avenue until I'm more sober.

When I throw away a picture I feel like I'm killing the person.

I have always and will always fit better into costumes built for other people than those built for my own body.

I have so many moles on my back it looks like the solar system. (Gee, look. O'Ryan's belt.)

I worked for the Skin Cancer Foundation when I moved to NY.

I no longer tan.

I have very few wrinkles.

Yet that is not a scar on my nose. That is a worry line.

I have had a worry line across the top of my nose since I was 5.

I worried a lot as a kid.

I got picked up by heavy winds during a rainstorm as a kid and blown into some bushes.

I don't like the rain.

I think people who walk around NY with golf umbrellas should be spanked.

I think if you are so big that you need a golf umbrella to stay dry, perhaps you should rethink your eating and exercise habits.

My doctors have forbidden me from gaining weight.


  1. Again, totally with you on your reluctance to throw people's pictures away. I can't even bear to delete dead people's messages and addresses in my email box ... sort of like a lasting memorial.

  2. I have Cassiopeia on my left forearm...

  3. any day you wanna let me up to you r place i will ladly brin a tree and decorate it wit your ornaments!!!


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