Monday, December 19, 2011

On the Nineteenth Day of Christ*&^%$

On the Nineteenth Day of Christ*&^%$

Going through your late mom's clothing (for donation purposes) is not for sissies.

Sometimes I just have to turn off my heart.

When I turn off my heart, it inevitably comes screaming back on, flooding the room.

I think Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is miraculous.

I use it for anything.

I am capable of performing minor surgery on myself.

I have double a feet with quadruple a heels.

I once sliced my foot open and taped it back together for a date.

I once broke my foot and didn't know it.

I can walk most anything off.

I think it's not because I ignore the pain, but because I accept it.

I am rarely ill.

I actually took 8 tops, 2 pairs of pants and 6 pairs of shoes from the excavation.

I will be wearing my 88 year old mother's clothes. She had excellent taste.

Except for the sweatshirts with flowers. Oy.

I have a 750 square foot apartment for less than $2 a square foot per month.

I call it my mountain aerie rabbit warren.

I JUST unpacked my winter coat.

I believe diamonds are the new neutral.


  1. You mentioned the minor surgery capabilities twice in a row. Does it count?

  2. if you are referring to taping my foot back together again...the slicing open was an accident on a broken beer glass that fell into my shoe (which i didn't notice and walked 10 blocks). as i did not CONSCIOUSLY break the skin, that, to me, doesn't count as surgery.

    just repair.


    see you tonight!


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