Saturday, December 31, 2011

On the Thirty-First Day of Christ*&^%$

On the Thirty-First Day of Christ*&^%$, TiZ reveals to you...

Thirty-one things she would dig in a deep way for 2012...*

Peace on earth.

Goodwill to all sentient beings.

Going on for the quinfucta.

A healthier economy for all.

A re-elected Obama.

A little cupcake of a cottage upstate.

A good solid apology.



A good, solid, considered apology.

To publish more.

To gain even more of you appreciative bleaders.**

To finally finish and perform TOMB.

More volunteerism.


More recording. I love recording.

Health...physical, emotional and spiritual.

More yoga.

Getting back to my seat and meditating.

Fabulous attendance at the St. Jimmy.

More honesty. 2011 was a great start.

More clarity. 2011 was a great start.

For dreams to come true for those who desire them wholeheartedly.

To handle the estate with little complication and great joy.


Singing my tits off.

Less spam.

More reiki.

Take a pottery class.

Teach more voice.

Create things of great beauty and substance.

*I looked back through the years. A LOT of these have come true. Really.

**And I DO appreciate you. You can't imagine how much...


  1. courtnay carr salyerDecember 31, 2011 at 11:15 AM

    What a great month of thoughtful, creative opining. This was a lot of fun to read and gave us all great insight into what makes you you. Thanks for sharing and I hope 2012 is everything your little heart desires.

  2. Here's to more singing ... but with your anatomy remaining intact! Happiest of New years!!!

  3. Wishing for more family time starting next week.
    Walking through some baggage to get there, but WTF do I have to lose.
    Thanks for that Tiz.
    I wish you healing nd tons of love.
    May the rest of those dreams come true.


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