Monday, December 28, 2015

On the 28th DaY of TiZmas

On the 28th DaY of TiZmas, TiZ reveals to you (while listening to the cast album of HAMILTON purchased on Google play for $1.99)...

28 things of darling NanaPop's that I proudly have in my possession ...


Their bedroom set (yup...conceived on that bed frame)

A set of leather luggage

A need for color

My mother's writing desk

A badger bristle shaving brush (Nana's first Christmas present to Pop)

Antique books (including A Complete Works of Shakespeare from 1878)

An interest in knowledge (and the trappings thereof)

Their first wedding rings

Three pieces of jewelry beautifully designed by Pop

My great grandfather's cane

Nana's last pretty party shoes

My grandma's hope chest

Pop's godmother's husband's ukeline

The same guy's brass pint from the Crown and Greyhound in Dulwich

A very drunk pic of the two of them

Nana's furs (with her name exquisitely sewn in)

The first set of pearls Pop ever gave her

An ancient oak dresser from Nanticoke

The shell from Pop's 21 gun salute

Hankies...some practical...some gorgeous

Great respect for a job well done and equal disdain for the lack

Stuffed dolls that may be politically incorrect so they mostly stay hidden (though sometimes they come out to ask "WTF?")

A beautiful watch we're pretty sure my Pappy stole that Pop and I lovingly restored for Nana

The importance of family

Their wedding china

An ancient cutting board (I'm probably giving myself food poisoning daily)

A deep adoration for the canine varietal

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