Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Things I've learned...life is easier with a bit of routine. Since my life is so varied, I used to say that the only thing I was assured of daily was a good poop. Now there's a bit more (no, not poop)...daily meditation, daily fish oil, daily work-out, and the ultimate luxury...daily bath.

And maybe...daily blogging?

Life seems sweeter when reaching out in this manner.

Soooooo...my objective is to jot a little something every day with sturdy entries bi-weekly. I may fail, but what the hey.

In that spirit...

I had my yearly physical this morning. Let me just say I'm healthy as hell. I was also bored as hell, so I started texting.

ME: Naked and 2 1/2 blocks away.
FRIEND: Jeez. Am in ripley greer.
ME: Then am naked and 20 blocks away.
FRIEND: Repeat. Ikm in ripley greer. no naked. xx
ME: Not naked for YOU wanker. xxx
FRIEND: Meant to write not naked. What a difference a t makes.
ME: 24 little hours (please know that song reference). xxx I think I shod hold auditions naked. Everyone would be better.
FRIEND: Is it from a musical?
ME: Pop song early 70s. What a difference a day makes.
FRIEND: Thats so weord was singing that today.
ME: Btw, should have read YOU should hold naked auditions. Not ME
ME: What a difference a word makes.

What a difference a daily word makes. And hopefully just 24 little hours 'til you read me again.

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