Sunday, May 31, 2009


background to plowwy...

i have a friend. i call her "mommy" (don't tell the real one). she calls me "wowwy" which is, basically, mommy upside down. yeah, that's me...all the goodness and light and nightmares ...but topsy turvy.

she even recently did the 21st century of the "mommy, put my crayon drawing on the refrigerator" thingy...she's a brill artist and she downloaded this pic i i-photoged and is using it as background on her puter.

now...that's a "mommy."

we had a big ol' lunch today and got onto the subject of expectations. we both try to work out of the realm of expectation...with the exceptation...

love, cherish, respect and regard.

i (we, if i may) expect those fab four in the equation. that is what i (we) surround myself (don't make me do it again) with, bitch.* without those, i just don't play anymore.

why "plowwy?" oh yeah...i'm drunk, pissed, sozzled and plowed.

remember kids, never drink and blog.

*never end a sentence with a preposition.

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