Thursday, May 28, 2009

Go Go Google

I have not yet learned how to load a captured image onto Blogger, friends, so we'll have to content ourselves with a simple cute and paste (no, that's not a typo) of GOOGLE today because...

WE'RE #1

If you search "frusturbation" today, Tiz and Ass wins.

Thank you for all your tireless mensturbation in making this dream come true.

And thank you OPJK for the heads up. Would love to know why you Googled it in the first place.

Boots, you are immortalized. Congratulations. It is a dubious honor and therefore I accept this award on your behalf. Always remember, "That's no lady. That's Tiz."

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1. Tiz and Ass
Frusturbation – again…you knows what I mean. Penned by my oldest/dearest Boots. ... Exaspurbation – first cousin of frusturbation. - 76k - Cached - Similar pages
2. AutomationDirect Customer Forum - Search Results
Well, that was a frusturbation... I added code to disallow parameter changes while comm was busy. It waits for the comm to go quiet, shuts off comm, - 22k - Cached - Similar pages
3. Blogs - Its Gnarly Carly Bitch!!! MySpace Blog
I went to say " it just sucks when your sexually frustrated so you masturbate" Its came out frusturbation. so the word is. Frusturbation- To masturbate due - 139k - Cached - Similar pages
4. The Codex Forums :: View topic - Fallout 3: Aliens - Since ...
Oh gods, the udders of this once-fine franchise can't take any more stroking. My penis can't any more frusturbation, either :`(( - 61k - Cached - Similar pages


  1. In the future, everyone will be the #1 Google Search item for fifteen minutes


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