Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dear Labramom

Oh, I love the interactive quality of this—feels like eHarmony without the Smarmony. Except I’m straight…which is the only way one can be on eHarmony (topic for later discussion, yes?).

Do I know you, dear Labramom?

Yes, YEs, YES to what you say—the brilliance of Jefferson, Doug, Christine, Grey Gardens,The Musical

Little known fact—soon after I saw the musical and watched the documentary ceaselessly for two days, I spent a day as Little Edie. It started out as an exercise for acting class, but morphed into lunch and a walk up the west side, across the park and up to my mountain aerie…nobody seemed to mind or notice the lady (term used loosely) wearing torn hose, a sweater for a skirt and the omnipresent turban.

Full-frontal stolen identity.


The Pig Farmer


  1. ha! you wiley coyote...of COURSE (it's midheimers i'm tellin ya!)

  2. Oh I want to do Little Edie too. The other day I was in SF and a woman just came out of nowhere, wild eyed, and started talking to everyone in the middle of the street. I thought to myself, not so far off for me. I look forward to being the woman who cares not what people think if she wears her pjs to the market midday (are you already there, Tiz?) or just starts breaking into song in the middle of the street cause the spirit moves her. Some call it crazy. I call it liberated. Here's to the Little Edie in all of us.

  3. ps - the reason for the moniker is that my child (the one who had her innocence brutally ravaged by YOU at age 2, the one I further twisted by sharing your sexy blog with, the one who wants to be raised by wolves -- I ask ya?) chose the email moniker "Labragirl" because she feels she is one with our two Labradoodles. So what else could I possibly be?

  4. a) Ages ago Opus (of Bloom County fame) was confronted by a park filled with people all talking to themselves on their hands-free phones. The "crazy" lady on the bench next to him lamented the days when talking to yourself was a way to stand out in a crowd.

    b) Some days I truly miss the East Coast.


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