Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Failure Becomes Me

What did I write last week in "Quotizien?" Something along the lines of writing daily?


Well, I blew that out of the water rather swiftly, didn't I? Despite the fact I have supposedly gargantuan will power (let's just rename it TizPower, shall we?), I'm TERRIBLE with expectations. The minute I set them, I fail to live up to them. Fuck 'em up royally. And so does everyone else. Didn't you peeps out there know I have expectations of you? Didn't you G.I.D.s out there know I have sexpectations? Oh yes, I do. Daily and twice on Sundays. It's good for the heart and would contribute to world peace...at least in my world. We could all drop our gym memberships and taxes would drop as well since we wouldn't have to support the war machine.

But since expectations are rarely met, I'm dropping the ex and living in pectation (in the cul de sac of spectation)...the land of living in the present and perhaps (at best) hoping for the best.

Catch as catch can, baby.

Join me? I have no expectations.

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