Sunday, December 22, 2013

On the Twenty-Second DaY of TiZmas

On the Twenty-Second DaY of TiZmas, TiZ reveals to you...

Twenty-two things you may not know about my career

I've never been onstage for a Broadway opening night.

Although FaceBook can be quite helpful career-wise at times, it took my facing a  hiatus to book ON A CLEAR DAY...the first Broadway show I'd done in years.

It only took a week to happen.

Godspell is the reason I am in this business.

It was the first show I  saw in New York.

One of the actors made eye contact with me...and held it.

Day by Day was my first important solo.

Because of the movie, I could barely speak to Victor Garber  when I met him.

I have never done Godspell.

I did not start this career until I was close to thirty.

Because my very famous voice teacher told me I had a stupid speaking voice, I was terrified to speak actual lines in an audition.

I did not sleep at all the night before my first audition.

I excused myself from an agent audition once.

He had answered the phone three times during my audition...the last time gesturing for me to continue singing while he spoke on the phone.  I packed up my things and left saying, "Sir, you don't have time for me and I definitely don't have time for this."

I met my real agents less than a month later.

I have been with them for twenty years.

I studied acting in college with Nikos Psacharapolous.

This year was the first year I ever even auditioned for any production of Les Mis.

I once lost  a role (after being called back) to a black man. 

I have never seen CATS.

I once turned down a Broadway show.

I have missed a total of 8 performances my entire career.  (I think I may owe you a tidbit as this is probably a very recent repeat.) 

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