Saturday, December 21, 2013

On the Twenty-First DaY of TiZmas

On the Twenty-First DaY of TiZmas, TiZ reveals to you...

Twenty-one things you may not know about BaXter (and I sooooo could be repeating myself...please to forgive...)

His original name was MaX.

Thus he responds better to BaX.

He does NOT speak Spanish.

He has, however, eaten an entire wheel of cheese.

He gets to sleep the last hour of every sleep in bed with me.

I recently awaked to find him with his paws around my neck.

I'm not sure if he was hugging me or strangling me.

He now considers 95% of people as friends.

Sometimes he comes to acting class with me.

He is quite gifted.

He has a cameo in the season finale of Wallflowers.

He can hold his mark quite well.

He loves to chase flies.

He tries to pounce on pigeons. 

He has yet to succeed.

He doesn't quite understand that squirrels are able to climb.

He seems to think they just disappear magically.

He is an honorary terrier.

He learned to socialize with other dogs this year.

Although he still doesn't like children, he will eat from their hands now if they are WAAAAAY cool.

He doesn't like listening to Norah Jones as much as I thought he does.

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