Tuesday, December 17, 2013

On the Seventeenth Day of TiZmas

On the Seventeenth DaY of TIZmas, TiZ reveals to you...

Although I've given money and well wishes to the homeless this year, two of my encounters impacted me in very different yet profound manners.

One's impact was easily definable.

Last night's was not.  And probably never will be except that I feel a little broken.

Broken's not always bad...sometimes it lets the light in.

But I did learn if you just have a momentary POSSIBLE exposure to TB you're probably cool.

I was exposed to TB in 1992.  I was fine.

Other than the cold sores and the eczema and god knows what else, I have a pretty AMAZEBALLS immune system.

I can only remember getting the flu shot once as an adult.  I got the flu that year.

I also got the flu last year.  If I get it again this year, I will return to the land of the flu shot.

I like to give things away.

I have sadly given way to upending sentences and adding "like" and "you know."

Thankfully, Janice on walfllowers.tv does not do this and is training me back to my strong, declarative self.

I miss the game MASTERPIECE.  

I knew more about art as a child than I do as an adult.

i subscribe to too many magazine.

I shipped about 15 pounds worth to my last job.

I shipped back about 10 pounds.

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