Thursday, September 8, 2011

What I Wish For You

I wish you had been in Central Park with me at 7:30 this evening.

You didn't even have to be with me. Just there. On the north side of the Great Lawn looking south.

One of those exquisite, gasping reminders of why I've lived in New York for 25 years...

Gawdy, joyous skyscrapers doing what they do best--scraping the sky.
Low lying clouds with sunset illumination in co-dependent palates.
Hullabaloo* lights dancing in those co-dependent clouds.

Heaven in the park.

Wish you'd been there.

*They are, in fact, called ballyhoo. But hullabaloo is better, n'est pas?


  1. Sounds breathtaking. Thanks for sharing.

  2. thank you, both. a picture couldn't possibly capture least a pic of mine!


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