Friday, September 23, 2011

FB HIatus Day 11

What's all the scuttlebutt? While watching the Grey's Anatomy season premiere (oh, don't get all judgey on me), the nightly news preview suggested everyone in the entire universe was in an uproar over the new FB changes.

Exactly how big are they, kittens?

All I knows is the Book of Face has absolutely ruined the words "grateful" and "blessed" for me. A dear friend (whose glorious status updates are a blend of whacky intelligence, creativity and painful honesty...they're magic and I miss them) brought it minute I thought about it. (It gave me hope that perhaps I am whackily intelligent, creative and painfully honest.)

Those words (the G and the B ones) are how people get away with being all prideful and braggy on The Book while assuming a humility that's just plain unattractive and false. It's reflexive.

And I'm pretty sure I've done it.

So, I'm boycotting those words.

I'll just say thank you. That's active. Not reflexive at all.

Unless I say, "Thank me."


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