Saturday, September 17, 2011

Soul Streaking

A friend I've known since he was a wee slip of a thing (well, I know TiZ and AsS is a name-free zone, but let's just call him Mike Errico for short) is having some pretty exquisite successes. All more than well-deserved...he is the prophet angel of the indie pop scene after all. Before I left on my Book of Face sabbatical I had posted and "shared" a bit about him. I was a special guest performer his first evening of residency at the Living unexpected vocal treat for the likes of moi. He had more evenings of residency, more special guests, always trading up...I posted those. His album went through the roof on iTunes...I posted that.

I don't know if I posted about him being featured on the Naked Soul Series at the Rubin Museum of had been in the air for a while and I just may not have "shared." It's an all acoustic music series and the only other person I'd ever had the pleasure to hear soul strip was another fav, Jonatha Brooke. (I don't know her personally so I'm not feeling so bad about the reveal of that name. My blog, my rules.)

But when Mike and his lovely wife both post a link to a cartoon on page 20 of The New Yorker about the gig and his special guest, Jonatha Brooke, I smacked "share" faster than a sexaholic smacks my ass.

The New Yorker.

Today, I head over to The New Yorker website (just because I'm not on the Book of Face doesn't mean I'm still not taking up residency on the Net of Inter), look at the cartoon, hit [control] F and search for Errico. Up comes the cartoon again. Up comes the gig--GREAT. Up comes...

The fact that he and two other friends had "shared" another article on The Book. I look closer...

The fact that two other friends and I had "shared" this article.

That another friend...

And another friend...

Up comes my breakfast.

Not really.

But you see where I'm going. I can't quite escape The Book. It's a tad insidious. You don't even have to be on it to be on it.

That being said, let's spin it happy. Get on a ticket to Mike's concert. Rumor has it if you order before the 21st, you get a free get to take Mike home.

And we all get to see one another in the flesh.

Naked Soul and all.


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