Friday, September 23, 2011

FB Hiatus Day 11 PS

The world "authentic" kinda sucks too. 'Cause the minute you think about being authentically you, you're not being authentic. You're being what you want to believe is authentically you.

So, I'm boycotting that word and concept. But to be fair, I'm pretty sure FaceBook didn't ruin the A word. Just the G and the B ones.


  1. Authentic indeed:

    P.S. I blame this whole Facebook going kablooey thing on you. If you were there, you'd whip its ass back into shape.

  2. i must have seen that a-word article so i obviously did NOT have an a-word idea here. but i don't think i was claiming that anyway.

    FaceBook is AssBook with out without me. i feel like it pulled the peter principle and is petering out. now, i'm not saying i shan't return. i just can't return to CrackBook tendencies.

    and...oh...i don't know what else. i hope you're spanky.

    and...yes...blame me for world hunger too. it seems to be going around. xxxxxx

  3. Things are spanky indeed. So to speak.
    And here's some spankiness for your FB-less day.

    xo, Tim


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