Monday, September 12, 2011

T minus 1

Fixing to get ready to go: Two posts regarding my departure. A culling of numbers. Individual messages to a couple of people who for a number of reasons warrant them. Despite the reasoning being different, the letters are pretty darn similar. Despite the democratic approach...

10 home runs.
2 balls
1 ball thrown directly at my head. Luckily I wear a helmet. But ow.

Now, despite the fact I am skipping FaceTown for a while, it doesn't mean I won't be writing about it. This is a huge experiment for me. And from what I'm gleaning, it's gonna be hard. It may drive me back into therapy after a decade. Is my therapist still alive?

I have my Hurricane FaceBook Go Bag packed and at the door.

And plenty of TaB.

Who knows what waits beyond the walls of...oh's a monster...he's chasing me...aaaaaaaaaaaah




  1. If the monster gets too nasty, let me know and I'll send cookies...

  2. Monsters like cookies, especially cookie know what i mean.


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