Friday, April 23, 2010


Subject: dead dog



Date: 09:13 PM 2/10/99

dear bedpost b’douglas:

oh no! oh no! my parents just cut their trip short due to the dead dog in connecticut (now if we had lived in darien, it would have been amazing alliteration). all kidding aside, it is terribly sad . . . tremendously spoiled but sweet missy t. common knowledge that my father loves the dog more than his 4 children. i’ve already cried with mary jane (brother tim’s wife), and now it’s my job to call the 2 remaining brothers. i’m waiting until they arrive home from work, since our last doggy death caused jim to fail 3/4 of his mid-terms. of course, none of us react this strongly to relatives passing, only the dogs; canine love projects infinitely, like two mirrors facing one another . . . rarely happens with humans.

speaking of dogs, i am one, and thus age 7 years to every human year and will be 245 on july 30. that’s definitely over 30 years old . . . can you wait?



p.s. i was hoping you would learn from example, but here’s a not so subtle hint

. . . I FEEL LIKE I’M CORRESPONDING WITH OWEN MEANY! shall i say a prayer?

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