Monday, April 26, 2010


Subject: despairing dead doggy



Date: 05:04 PM 2/11/99

dearest bidet gloss -

missy t was a brilliant actress. in this case, far too brilliant, and thus her new name “ash”ley.

to answer your beautiful little daughter jilly’s questions: missy t was named after me . . . my childhood nickname. she was 84 years old and a sweet, beautiful doberman. my misogynistic father had her spayed (she wouldn’t talk to him for days), so she never had any fun, and therefore never had any puppies. re: how she got sick: her intestines closed off at both ends and she almost exploded.

to answer bubbly bran’s questions: chris is a babe. macaroni and cheese.

devon dilemma: have your beautiful big step-daughter monica and soon-to-be step-son-in-law devon send your parents an armload of sunflowers to thank them for the anniversary weekend.

by the way, i lived with someone for two years, and my parents never knew. the fact that they know i called you (defended myself by telling them you e-mailed me first) is more than frightening. aaaah.

off to acting class to do a lesbian scene. i’m not excited, but all the males of the heterosexual persuasion in my class are terrifically so. think about that.

x o x o


p.s. stop yelling at me!

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