Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bad Blogger Be Me

I be! I be!

I know! I know!

I'm working on it. Got busy living that life again. And not living it particularly well. A little too busy. A little manipulative. A little too Judgina Navritilova. A little TAP-DANCING FOR MY LIFE!

Oh, I'm being hard on myself. I was a good girl. Except for forgetting to blog.

I got a little exhausted by communication. There are so many ways people can communicate with me. This blog. Facebook page and messaging, texting, telephoning and three different email addresses.

There's eight right there. EIGHT.

Wait...oh...we can talk face to face. That's nice. And there's the waning, dying, extinct form of letter-writing.

Okay...that's ten.



All of these I like. They work.

What doesn't work?

"Chatting" on Facebook.

For some reason it pisses me off. I'm in my own little glorious happy world, spying on myself and friends and all of a sudden it's like I have an unwanted guest in my living room.* It pisses me off to my pissy piss place.

And what's the pissiest is I've somehow become the dumping ground for people and their relationship and or work issues. Honest to Jesus, someone kept me on for an hour and a half telling me how a new friend of mine had broken her heart. I barely KNEW this woman. That's 90 minutes, or 5,400 seconds, I will NEVER get back. And then there's the person asking me for job advice and never READING what I wrote. Obviously just wanted to sound off.


Which I won't.

So lah de dah. I'm communicating again. Love the new show I'm rehearsing. Love the show I'm gonna be rehearsing in a month and a half.

And just love Love LOVE this life.

I'm thinking, since I actually have to LEARN this script, that perhaps I will let you lovely readers in on a book I wrote about a decade ago. Perhaps an entry a day?


*Except of course for Kieran. He's always welcome.

1 comment:

  1. couple of things
    one: deep heartfelt apologies for that day i IMed you and asked you to write a new blog. Will never do it again. Unless i am mad at you or want to wreck you day.

    two: please tell some details about the show.. what, who where.. all that. so out of the loop now its fun to hear about it from you fancy dancin folk.


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