Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New School

First day at a new school is hard, kids. You have new friends—or no friends. Who are you going to eat lunch with? Who will you hang with on the playground? Will you like the teacher? Will the teacher like you? What are we studying? Will I capisce? What are the rules and regulations? Do I have to raise my hand to go to the bathroom? Will I need a hall pass? Where are my crayons? Mommy!

And what if I have to ride the short bus?

And why doesn’t this get any easier EVER?

This is definitely a short bus kinda show.

But it's in the city so I can go home to my mountain aerie rabbit warren. And play with my REAL friends when school's not in session. Maybe even hang with them on the playground. But I AM studying a subject I've never TOUCHED before.


But the other kids are nice I've heard As are the teachers. And we're already playing dress up today. Maybe if I share my box of crayolas, everyone will like me…and not beat the crap out of me in the cloak room.

I hope so.

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