Friday, September 10, 2010


The pies have pleased.

Years ago, back in my Disney days, some delicious, anonymous soul would leave a 2-liter bottle of TaB in my dressing room. AMAZING. What's better than starring in a Broadway show? Starring in a Broadway and receiving anonymous TaB.

Knowing that not everyone is smart enough to enjoy the Nectar of the Gods (and wanting to hoard it all for me, Me, ME), I started a tradition--when a beloved colleague does a Broadway gig, I deliver a homemade chocolate chip cookie pie. Who doesn't love a ginormous, gooey chocolate chip cookie? No one, says I.*

The tradition extends to any show I am doing at any theater...for tech. Chocolate chip cookie pies show up during the ten out of twelves. Even under the best of circumstances, ten out of twelves suck. Who doesn't love a ginormous, gooey chocolate chip cookie during tech? No one, says I.*

Everyone gets a little happy and feels a little cared for and that's a little bit of goodness.

And for some reason I feel a little happier and a little more cared for when I do it.


*I recently jauntily delivered one to a favorite executive cross-dresser who was back on Broadway after many years. It never occurred to me that he was of such fame that he wouldn't be able to accept a gift from a stranger. I sure hope the crew enjoyed it.

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