Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I'm in the midst of it. Pandermonium. I've voiced my concern so it's not like I'm going to surprise colleagues by writing about it here.

I'm in the midst of a co-production. And the show is being altered to suit the new theater.

Now, the stage was built incorrectly, so we've had to change blocking and set moves. This was a mistake. This I get.

But altering the integrity of a piece to pander to an audience and its current political climate? Not their intelligence. Not even their sensibilities. Their beliefs.

Slippery slope we're being thrust down. In my eyes, it turns the theater into a bordello and the actors into prostitutes.

This is a mistake, I believe.* This I will never get.

And I've always preferred to think of myself as carny trash.

The audience is reacting less and less enthusiastically the more we sell ourselves.

This I will sadly have to get used to.

This and feeling dirty.

* Even the Nana said, "Oh no!" And when the Nana says, "Oh no!" people should listen.


  1. So sorry that it's not dirty in a good way.

  2. First thing you learn, writing comedy: Audience will tell you when you're funny. And IF you're funny.

    If audience tells you that a show's no good... they're right. Doesn't matter what [fill in the blank] thinks; if audience holds its nose, listen to them.

    But YOU have known that for years. Apparently, not everyone who should, does.

    Life is ever thus. Oh well.

  3. That's an interesting one, Robert. And one of my favorite directors had another take as well. Her feelings were that, in comedy, an audience will try to grab control of a show. It's not what they really want, but it's in their collective nature. And the minute they do gain control, and you start pandering to them in that way, you're sunk. They'll just start to resent you because you're not being true to yourself and/or the piece. It's such a fine, fine line we all tread. And it's just so lovely when everyone is on the same page.


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