Friday, September 17, 2010

Eine Kleine Tea Party I am in AZ. And I'm asked to do a radio interview...a 6:30 am radio interview. I turn it down, because...well...I couldn't do it...'cause...well...I didn't want to.

So...I do a 9:30 am radio interview. They lure me with a venti iced green tea unsweetened and the company of my buddy Matt. As we're riding over, our press rep turns on the radio and it's...

right wing.


He claims the station is well-balanced and our guy is pretty middle of the road.

I listen some more.

Liar, liar, pants on fire.

This be a Christian radio station, praise sweet candy Christ.

We're sitting in the anteroom and I can hear more commentary that makes my ears bleed. I'm beginning to twitch--I have no interest in embarrassing the theater, but as witnessed in the West Wing during the Bush League, I can be pretty mouthy if I feel injustice and/or thoughtlessness is being tossed about in the name of righteousness.*

Matty and I enter to meet our host. Within 30 seconds I learn he grew up two blocks from my Tante. Let the softening begin.

Not mine. His.

Okay, a little bit me.

And we are jolly and intelligent and fun. But I make sure to talk about being a female drag queen. The host asks Matty to show him a few moves. (We were simulcast on the web.) Matt suggests they partner. Matt wangles the host into being the girl 'cause Matt has to be the guy 'cause Matt is taller.


And the guy is a good sport about it all. We leave all shades of proud that we have softened him.

They cut the dance from the archives of the show that are now available on the interwebs. And it's not his producers who have done this. He is his own producer.

Our work here is obviously not done.

*God does not talk to me. I do not talk to him. We have an understanding.

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