Thursday, September 23, 2010

National White Chocolate Day

September 22nd, yesterday, was National White Chocolate Day. And to that I pose the oft asked question,


What is white chocolate? Does anyone like it? Does anyone eat it?

I believe it is a National Wax Association conspiracy to rid itself of surplus product.

What it most definitely is NOT is chocolate. To be labeled chocolate, a product must have cocoa solids from chocolate liquor (which is not alcohol). White chocolate does not have these solids. Therefore, I think it should be relabeled...

White Shite.

And thus, yesterday was National White Shite Day.

Celebrate good times, come on. It's a celebration.


  1. Oh. But it is yummy on all of those pretzel-y things around the Holidays...

  2. I agree with Robert -- whatever the Hell it is, I love it!!!!!


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