Tuesday, September 28, 2010


A colleague of mine is fucking with me. I'd call Shim a friend but since Shim de-friended me on the Book of Face I can't do that anymore. Can't even call Shim an acquaintance.

And what kind of friend fucks with you?

Obviously, one who's been demoted to colleague.

But this time, out of the blue, months later, Shim involved a mutual friend...putting me in a position where I could hurt them. I didn't because the MF is miraculously cool (and 'twixt you and me, my 28 Bleaders, a bit whackadoodle) but it was close.

I don't need this. I don't need help. As we (you, my 28 Bleaders and I) know, I can do enough damage all on my very own, with a curtsy and a smile, thank you very much.


One less Christmas card to send, methinks.

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  1. Hi, Sweetie, don't sweat it! I had someone un-friend me on FB (the lady who did the art for my book) either because she learned I'm pagan or because I congratulated her for being pregers. She had a teenee tiny pic of herself and her kid up on the book of face and it looked from what I could tell that the kid was hugging a very pregnant woman (I'm talking ready to pop pregnant!). So I said, "Oh, wow, L...., are you pregnant? Congratulations!" Next thing I knew she was no longer on my friend list. Oh, well! Tough shitski is what I say! I hadn't meant to insult her!!!!!! As for the former reason, I've been pagan since I was 15 and I just turned 50 -- I ain't gonna change any time soon for her or anyone. It's like that line from LA CAGE "I am what I am and what I am needs no excuses." C'est la vie.

    I also had someone once who lied to another person, telling them I said something about them that I didn't, and they ended the friendship. Frankly, they did me a very big favour!!!

    Hope you're well, Tiz. Take care, Honey!

    Gina xxoo


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