Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy 8000

You e-lightful Bleaders. You did it!

You and the Arabic readers where TiZ translates to something along the lines of "hoo hoo."

I know there are some blogs that reach 8000+ hits in a day, but since I remain Ann Anonymous, do not promote (other than the occasional shout out on the Book of Face), and am just "the nicest random blog I've ever come across,"* I count myself mighty blessed.

As a result of a kick in the AsS from Labor Day (which I will spend sacked on the soporofic sofa with a head cold...which is strange 'cause I'm in Tucson where it's so dry I have no boogers), I vow to labor (in a Tizzy the light fantastic way) more with my writing.

See you in the land of 0s and's

*Thank you, random reader from India...where TIZ does not mean "hoo hoo."

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