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Subject: Re: log-on, log-off, linguistic lothario (i like that better)



Date: 02:40 PM 2/21/99

My avidly amorous alliterating Aphrodite (that’s me.e. to you),

Dilatory delay of dialogue: The last few days have been nutty. The kids were off from school and rebelling against babysitters, so I tried to spend as much time at home with them as possible. I left this message unsent and half-composed, and only just now had a chance to finish it. Now and then life is a little overwhelming for the single parent.

Passion for parallel people: You mean you’ve become a single parent?

Pizza party pandemonium: Last night, I held a pizza and beer party for the first year Ph.D. students. There are about 20 people in the class, and all but one showed up. I bought seven pizzas and three cases of beer. The pizzas disappeared within 10 minutes, and the beer only lasted about four hours. I just don’t think these kids are taking their studies seriously enough.

Passion for parallel people: You mean you’ve become an economist?

Hedging high hurdles: I wondered when we’d give up on the impossible alliteration of “al” and make do with “a”—I thought we might have to resort to foreign languages, where I am at a definite disadvantage.

Monica’s morose mire: She has done worse: ages 15 through 18 were total nightmare city. But she’s been doing much better for a couple of years, and I had hoped that the worst was behind us. I just don’t understand it: I’ve talked to her about this kind of thing, and I’ve told her not to get caught.

OOB oops: OK, I checked it out. Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary defines OOB as off-off-broadway (but says it’s a noun, so I guess there’s no such thing as an “OOB performance”).

Still court-ing danger,


Be-boppin’ Be-Douglas

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