Monday, June 28, 2010

On the 36th Day of Christ*&^%$

On the 36th Day of Christ*&^%$, TiZ reveals to you...

36 MORE things she's grateful for.

1. Surprise, inciteful and insightful card readings.
2. Lovely emergency rooms.
3. Lovely ER attendants, nurses, nurse practitioners and docs.
4. Buddy splints.
5. Chiropractic adjustments with a hug following.
6. Workmen's Comp.
7. Bouquets of roses.
8. Clothes pulled warm from the dryer.
9. Baby Ho-Hanna.
10. Surprise days off.
11. 47 1/2 hours straight of being non-existent.
12. Bathtubs.
13. A sweet bathroom mate who buys me pretty sleep inducing body wash to help scrape off insidious body make-up.
14. The ability to keep my eyes wide open.
15. Beautiful, caring, brilliant friends.
16. Getting direction.
17. Muscle relaxants.
19. Pool floats with room for a beer and a book.
20. Being the unknown interloper.
21. Sitting at the kids' table.
22. TaB...always TaB.
23. Candles.
24. DRESS TO KILL (sorry Eddie puts me to the best way).
25. Great, cheap Pad Thai.
26. No.
27. Nemeses...they're great lesson teachers.
28. A quiet house.
29. An understanding house.
30. The lack of dead animals in the side yard.
31. Cortizone cream.
32. Shelter porn.
33. Great hats.
34. Knee pads.
35. Invitations.
36. Corks floating in a toilet.


  1. Come visit and we'll go out for some very nice Pad Thai!

  2. You said knee pads. snortle, snortle.

  3. Hi, Tiz,
    Welcome back to the blogosphere.
    Have a great Independence Day!


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