Monday, June 14, 2010

On the 35th Day of Christ*&^%$

On the 35th Day of Christ*&^%$, TiZ reveals to you 35 things she's pretty freakin' grateful for...<>

1. That a house with eight people can actually be quiet.
2. A little senior wisdom.
3. A Daylight Day of Rest...whatever THAT means.
4. Finding Larry late at night online when I'm having a rough one.
5. Bad Cabarnet.
6. A rogue Flexoral.
7. Sunshine.
8. 30 weeks of employment.
9. My ticket to see Eddie Izzard's first night in RACE.
10. Eight members of my family coming to see SWEENEY.
11. Long-AsS walks.
12. Foam rollers--to roll out quads, not hair.
13. A generally pretty positive attitude.
14. Learning to stay away from folks with AsSitude.
15. The ability to ride the shoot six times straight and the wisdom to never EVER do that again.
16. Rogue Flexoral AND a bad cabernet.
17. The sweet and sassy responses to my late blogue post. Thank you, BlEaders...
18. Good action on this keyboard since I'm pretty sure I have a sprained pinky. (It's really swollen and hurts but it bends. That's a sprain and not a break, right? Oy.)
19. Ice.
20. Kindness of colleagues letting me use their bathtub as I only have a shower.
21. Streaming Netflix.
22. Closet space galore.
23. Orthopaedic flip flops.
24. Skecher ShapeUps.
25. My suitcase's arrival after two loooooooooong weeks.
26. Free washer and dryer.
27. Yoga bridge pose.
28. Friends cleaning my mountain aerie.
29. Mountains.
30. The ability to work on Nana's feet. EIghty-six year olds just can't reach 'em.
31. Beautiful friends who wish to learn and create and try and fail and get right back up again.
32. My AsS. It's cute. Thanks Skecher ShapeUps!
33. A pretty great poker face.
34. My disdain for own and anyone else's.
35. JoY.

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