Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day

So many fallen this week. So many. I'm not speaking of soldiers, although I do honor them and their sacrifices.

Two lovely people of my circle in five days. One I barely knew, but knew the beautiful influence he had on others. One I knew quite well...a generous, smart, ridiculously funny fixture in the New York theater scene who always showed up when I needed him to.

Showing up is important.

So when I got a text from an ex at 1:30 in the morning saying, "At cancer hospital. Quite cheery," I went a little batshit insane, and emailed and texted back, saying "What? Why? Who? It's too early your time--something must be terribly wrong."

Turns out he was helping a friend out who was having a laserectomy. "Not to worry. And the coffee is excellent."

And he took his sweet time letting me know that.

And I called him a manipulative twat.

And when I truly awoke five hours later I apologized. It was just bad timing for his random cancer text since NY is Deathville.

Showing up is important.

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