Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What Fresh Hell is This?

I don't know why I named this blog post that, other than I LOVE it. I LOVE that Dotty Parker quote, I tell ya.

And I'm pretty sure Dorothy Parker wasn't called Dotty. Ever. Or Dory. Call me crazy, I just don't think she'd ever go for it.

Have worked my AsS off for the past couple of days. Four days of tech. Three ten out of twelves in a row. It got pretty hateful (and by that I mean I baked four chocolate chip cookie pies so everyone would feel loved and sugared up). Got a massage yesterday. Regina has magic hands. Wicked STRONG magic hands. Have to say I feel a lot better...and hateless.

And I learned I have to drink more water...she went through about a gallon of massage lotion. My lil ol body just kept soaking it up.

Okay...whatever....have no idea what I'm writing about other than I just learned (in addition to having to drink more water) that a dear, beloved, bone and sinew friend just got nominated for a Tony. And I'm so fucking proud of her I could scream.


I met her on a little musical that will remain nameless. And I worked my way up the ranks in this little musical. And ended up being on a team of people who helped the creatives re-write this little musical. And it turned into a gorgeous, big musical that was gonna have a life. A healthy life because it was smart and universal and specific and heart-breaking and funny.

And the composer and book-writer and producer killed it. First they killed all of us. Fired our asses. (Guess we'd been too intrusive---honest to Jesus, the worst thing I'd said was, "Oh my God, just change the REASON for the scene and it's perfect. Listen." That was me at my worst.) Then they fired the director. Then the famous music director. Then they oh-my-God changed it back, added some crap we had begged them not to, hired a new director, recast it and then lost all their funding.


And this sweet marvelous directorial Goddess has been nominated for a Tony. Betcha they're all pea-green with envy now, aren't they?

And I'm so proud I can scream.


Random. I know. Gonna be a "what fresh hell is this" kinda preview with a noggin as random as this.

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