Sunday, May 9, 2010


Subject: Re: freaky friday



Date: 12:28 PM 2/16/99

Marvelous mischievous me.e.,

Paying patron: Would they have charged you less if you had refused to sing? And did you tell the orchestra that you wanted to do “Springtime for Hitler?”

Valentine vacancy: It felt odd, but oddly not too difficult. Della called from Italy to talk to the kids, but then engaged me in one of those conversations where the only sensible reaction is “Why are you doing this?” Funny, though, I recovered more quickly than I ever would have imagined, and enjoyed much of the rest of the day.

Postponing pigeonholing: I don’t know what we’re doing either, but I know that I like it.

xxx (just kisses this time, in honor of your Valentine’s Day excerpt, though I realize there’s another way to read that line)

Be dog-less (OK, a little cruel in light of the fate of Missy T)

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