Sunday, May 9, 2010


Subject: freaky friday



Date: 01:41 AM 2/15/99

bodacious b’douglas:

especially freaky friday, since it is saturday . . . wait . . . sunday.

imagine . . . late in the afternoon, you get a call from your friend bettina buckley (star extraordinaire) to inform you that she does, in fact, have two tickets for her show tonight. shit, now you have to find someone to go with you. you choose tim because he isn’t going to want something extra special from you for valentines day. you go to the show, enjoy yourself, have a few beers, and cheer as your friends from “triumph” get up to sing a few songs. betty calls you up as well. you think you’ll bow and wave to the crowd. surprise . . . you’re singing a song.

you paid for your ticket.

it was so yummy of you to phone me yesterday. i attempted to call you back when i realized that february 14th might not be an easy day for you in your newly single state. my thoughts were with you.

whatever it is that we are doing (and it can’t be pigeonholed, thank god) is special to me. i thank you for that.



p.s. late last night, i discovered caesar’s palace pizza.

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