Saturday, May 8, 2010


My ClusterMaps has betrayed had clocked about 6000 bleaders of TiZandAsS. And at some point between 10:45 am May 7th and 9:09 am May 8th, it rebooted itself.

Killing them all. All the little red dots.

And then there were 12.

I want my 5,988 back. COME BACK LITTLE SHEBA!

But what makes me saddest is I never got to thank and welcome the new countries. Never got to thank and welcome them in their native tongues (or the TiZian approximation). And there were about 35 who had attended the United Nations of TiZandAsS with nary a hello.

Oh, my apologies. Please come back. Please. I'm being a good girl and apologizing and appreciating you. Please come back.

I miss you, little red dots.

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