Monday, May 17, 2010

For Many Reasons...

...I have never included my name on this blog. First reason is family. Never wanted them to Google-ize me and come up with this. The whole thing's a little randy, and does my 12-year-old niece need to read it? I don't think so.

I have never included my pic on this blog. Other than those where my face is partially obscured. It's fun being Ann a certain degree. I know if you know my via Facebook, you know me, but if you're one of my many followers in Arab-speaking countries, all you know is that "TIZ" means "hoo hoo" and you're mighty disappointed.

But here's a recent pic of me...FULL FACE.

Still unrecognizable, methinks. More Roman Polanski than not (thanks Jed).

I used to cross-dress a lot more when I was younger. Don't know if it was just easier to pass when I had no hips...or shorter hair...or because I liked dating gay men. But I liked (and have always liked) blurring the lines. I have the soul of a thirteen-year-old gay boy. LOVE and attracted to men, and seemingly tortured by it.

And it's impossible to tell the family.

Now the cross-dressing happens mainly onstage. Have disguised myself as or played a man in Once Upon a Mattress, Fermat's Last Tango, The Magic Flute, Byzantium, Triumph of Love, The Poor Sailor, Macbeth, South Pacific, Backwards in High Heels and Twelfth Night.

The audience the other day seemed confused. They didn't laugh at ALL when I entered in the above outfit. And I in turn became confused. "I am a woman. Dressed as a man. With a penciled-on moustache. This is inherently funny. DON'T MAKE ME WORK FOR A LAUGH, PEOPLE. You'll hate me for it And so will I."

Cross-dressing. It's fun. Try it. You'll like it.

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