Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Think Cool

That's what the little old man who gathers up the shopping trolleys from the local Sarasota Publix said in response to my question, "Don't you get hot out here?"

"I think cool."

I think I love him.

It was a good morning at the Publix. (Honest to Allah, never thought THAT sentence would come out of my piehole.) Momentarily aghast at the lack of TaB, I asked the nice lady to check in the back. She re-surfaced with two twelve-packs and then went back to get me TWO MORE.

Is she my guardian angel? My Ganymede?

And there was a sale. $9.98 total. TOTAL. That is 21 cents a can, people.

I do believe Jesus loves me.

To a certain extent I think the Coca Cola Company owes me that much. I asked them about a Coffee TaBle Book and they said NAY. A friend informed me of a loophole and I said YAY. Like the S&M Barbie Book (that is not about Barbie at ALL), I just have to make the Coffee TaBLe Book about something other than TaB.

Perhaps friendship?

Perhaps about "thinking cool."

Ideas? Suggestions?

I believe...just like that little old trolley man.

Do you think cool?


  1. Make it about Folk Art! I mean... There's a whole artistic movement based on that kind of thing. How could anyone say no to that? Maybe toss in a Shakespearean Sprite or two. Possibly 7(up) Dwarfs. You'd be golden!

  2. How about a book on addiction?


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