Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yous Guys is Great

So, the other day I won a major award. I like to say that. I like the movie "A Christmas Story." I am fra-gi-le.

But before I won it I decided to go to St. Louis for the ceremony. Why St. Louis? Because it was for work in St. Louis. St. Louis kept me employed for the better part of last year and if they all were going to be pleasant enough to nominate me for a major award then I was going to be pleasant enough to attend, goddammit.

And I won the major award.


Even sweeter? My friends. My colleagues. Now...I have a recent ex who informed me it was unreasonable of me to expect yous guys to ever be supportive-to share in the ups and downs. He felt I was asking an awful lot of yous guys and that I would end up sad and lonely.

How wrong he was.

And I study Buddhism and I KNOW expectation is the straw that broke the even-toed ungulate's back. But it does happen. And quite often, yes, it does make a mess of my life.

But not this time. Not with yous guys. You prove the ex and expectation wrong at every turn.

Because you were all so fucking happy for me winning this major award. Okay...what does ALL mean? It doesn't matter. SO MANY of you were SO FUCKING HAPPY for me. Not to downplay the major award, but your beautiful notes and texts and thumbs ups and pictures and phonecalls mean more to me than anything else.

How can I not have expectations about friendship when yous guys douse me with buckets of love and joy?

I don't know if any of the above makes sense emotionally or grammatically, but thanks. Thank you from the bottom of my shrivelled little heart "that grew two sizes that day." Yous guys are amazing and I appreciate you so.*

*And please forgive if I write about this for a couple more days, 'cause there are other aspects of it that were pretty AWESOME yet not quite relevant in this post. Okay. Okay. Forgive. Or am I asking for too much?


  1. LOVE
    ask away, wowwy. wowwy!

  2. This post made my day! We love you!

  3. tell your ex we all said FuCk OfF


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